Ōi Goffman – Hand Made

5 – 26 November 2022 Hand Made 2022 A Syncretism The stories that are evoked by placing these faked pieces into a gallery display speak of irony and labour. The very containers that were destined for the rubbish heap have been given a new life, invigorated by their treatment and plastic arts potential. I amContinue reading “Ōi Goffman – Hand Made”

Louise Paramor

Parallel Universe Parallel Universe (2020) Louise Paramor Parallel Universe is a series comprised of glass-boxed dioramas and ink-jet prints. In the full set there exists thirteen of each. In the series I have combined miniature human figures with my assemblage work to create tiny worlds that offer colourful and whimsical architectural propositions. Sourced from an architectural supply shop, the human modelsContinue reading “Louise Paramor”

Buildings and Infrastructure

Sadie Chandler – Buildings and Infrastructure https://www.charlesnodrumgallery.com.au/exhibitions/sadie-chandler-buildings-and-infrastructure/ Buildings and Infrastructure  They say that they’re “building a better future” with huge road works, rail upgrades and other building projects. It’s very noisy and inconvenient but, they also say, it will all be worth it. Some of these major building works have been happening at night andContinue reading “Buildings and Infrastructure”

House Bound

Lockdown 2020 Occasional Space – 516 Rathdowne St Carlton North http://www.sadiechandler.com Over the years I’ve made a lot of paintings of houses as well as cut-outs and wall paintings. Some are based on real houses that I’ve lived in, others on dolls houses that I’ve imagined, or seen in shops and online. Unlike ordinary dollsContinue reading “House Bound”