Louise Paramor

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe (2020)

Louise Paramor

Parallel Universe is a series comprised of glass-boxed dioramas and ink-jet prints. In the full set there exists thirteen of each.

In the series I have combined miniature human figures with my assemblage work to create tiny worlds that offer colourful and whimsical architectural propositions. Sourced from an architectural supply shop, the human models embody a number of different archetypes, and it is this arbitrary representation that I find compelling and in keeping with my methodology of chance findings. The people are colourful and detailed, matching the palette of my plastic assemblages, the marrying of the two being a process of  intuition. 

The human representations create the individual titles, such as, for example, The backpacker and the performance artist and Three generations. The use of figurative representation to anchor and animate my sculptural work is a new development, stemming from my work in public sculpture, where scale relating to human size is key.  


Boxes: 200 x 270 x 230mm

Inkjet prints (framed measurement): 1270 x 925mm


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