House Bound

Lockdown 2020

Occasional Space – 516 Rathdowne St Carlton North

Sadie Chandler, House Bound, 2020
Sadie Chandler, House Bound, 2020
Sadie Chandler, House Bound, Occasional Space

Over the years I’ve made a lot of paintings of houses as well as cut-outs and wall paintings. Some are based on real houses that I’ve lived in, others on dolls houses that I’ve imagined, or seen in shops and online. Unlike ordinary dolls houses these have inaccessible interiors, there are no doors and the blackened windows suggest that you can’t get in or that the inhabitants might be sleeping. They are idealised dolls houses, dream houses, stereotypical and vacant, inviting an imagined child’s game or adult’s desire. The simple geometry of these paintings presents the house as minimal and formal.

House, Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney, 1998

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